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LOGO: Jews on the map of Ukraine
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About us

  • 29.04.2012 Sergey Kudelko

    One of the most effective methods of a historical research is mapping. It allows one pictorially and dimensionally experience the complex ethno-cultural and socio-political processes held in different countries in different eras.  This project allows one to understand not only a spread of the Jewish diaspora in Eastern Europe, but also to grasp the trends of migratory processes in general, link...

  • 15.04.2012 Tamás Visi

     It is difficult to overestimate the importance of this project. After the tragedy of the Shoa the rich and complex heritage of Jewry in Ukraine has not been known, researched or publicly represented adequately on either side of the iron curtain: in the West, scholars and the general public was isolated from Ukraine and could not access much of the relevant information and sites, in the East the...

  • 12.04.2012 Evgeny Kotlyar

    Internet-project “Jews on the Map of Ukraine” is a very up-do-date, clear to understand and attractive concept of a casual and informal research into the Jewish heritage of Ukraine. Everybody has a space to share their thoughts, impressions or their personal stories, information or images. It is also a wonderful site for placement of various types and forms of information such as news, road trip notes, interviews, as well as more fundamental academic research...