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LOGO: Jews on the map of Ukraine
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  • 15.09.2013 Peace Project "Harmony is the Child of Peace"

      Dedicated to the International Day of Peace Harmony is an elusive goal in the world but achieving it may change its story. Mark Brown (UNO) Peace is what all people want. Every year on September 21 the proactive community celebrates the International Day of Peace . Establishing this Day, the UN General Assembly devoted it to commemoration and strengthening of the world ideals, and suggested all countries to celebrate it by means of educational and public information campaigns on the problems of the peace...

  • 26.05.2013 Peace Tree and Peacemakers Park

    Immortalization Tradition in Drobitsky Yar Tree Planting Innitiative World-peace can be achieved when the power of love replaces the love of power. Sri Chinmoy On May 26 2013 The Planting of Trees and the Opening of the Peacemakers Park Ceremonies took place at the Memorial Center ‘ Drobitsky Yar ’. What is the cause of this initiative? We hope that Drobitsky Yar will be remembered not only as a place of a horrible tragedy, but also will become a symbol of people’s unity, symbol of revival, a symbol of The World of Future...

  • 22.08.2012 Marina G. Stalinskaya passed away on Aug. 22

    With our deepest  regret we inform you that Marina Grigoryevna Stalinskaya passed away early morning of Elul 4th, 5772 (22 Aug. 2012). Marina Grigoryevna was one of founders of  "Jews on the Map of Ukraine"  project. She was heart and soul of this project and its ideological inspirer. What she gave to all of us - to her colleagues and to her students - is much beyond the regular knowledge...

  • 26.04.2012 Life from the End. Commemorating Professor Boris Solomonovich Elkin. Dedication.

    April 26, 2012 17:00 (5 p.m.) in Jewish Cultural Center "Beit Dan" (Tobolskaya Street, 46) there was a memorial evening commemorating professor Boris Solomonovich Elkin, Ph.D. (1947-2011), director of International Solomon University, Chairman of Trustee Council of the Jewish Cultural Center "Beit Dan", scientist, manager of educational programs and a community leader. April 26, 2012 Israel have celebrate 64-th anniversary and two days later Boris Solomonovich should have his 65th birthday...

  • 16.03.2012 A White Dove. Visual Art of Violetta Terlyga.

      A White Dove, 2011 Violetta Terlyga, Eugene Kotlyar, Anna Grinker March 16, 2011 in the North building HNU  of V.N. Karazin, on the basis of the Israeli cultural center in the mini-center of State of Israel embassy  an art exhibition "A White Dove" was opened. Organizer - International Jewish Student Organization "Hillel." Violetta Terlyga is the author of the exhibition. She is a sixth-year student of the Kharkov State Design and Art Academy, a member of Kharkov National Ukrainian Union of Artists organization...

  • 27.02.2012 Exhibition of Joseph Ostashkinsky "Architecture in Miniature"

    In “AMI” ("The People”) gallery of Kharkov’s Holocaust Museum campus located at Petrovskogo Street, 28 exhibition of Joseph Borisovitch Ostashkinsky have been opened. Miniature exhibits from all around the world are presented there. They created with a help of unusual technique using matches, laces, paper. This exhibition is a subsidiary of “DAR” and “Joint” organizations.   Joseph Borisovich is the only one founder of this unique artistic style – “architecture in miniature”...

  • 13.02.2012 Jewish Addresses in Kharkov

      We are opening new presentation group of our projects by offering you a recently published illustrated maps and documentary movie “Jewish Addresses of Kharkov”. The goal of our presentations is to help people who are interested in learning about the history of Jewish community in Ukraine by uniting the efforts of professional historians, local researchers, art historians and photographers. The result of two-year work is there, and we would like to offer it for your attention...

  • 09.02.2012 We Launched Our Site!

     We are excited to let you know - all of you who are interested in history and love to travel, that we launched our Internet-project “Jews on the Map of Ukraine” . Our initiative shall commemorate Professor Boris Solomonovich Elkin (1947-2011), who had been a managing director, an educator and a community leader.  Almost a year of diligent team-work proceeded to this exciting event...