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  • Marina G. Stalinskaya passed away on Aug. 22

Marina G. Stalinskaya passed away on Aug. 22


Марина Сталинская

With our deepest regret we inform you that Marina Grigoryevna Stalinskaya passed away early morning of Elul 4th, 5772 (22 Aug. 2012).

Marina Grigoryevna was one of founders of "Jews on the Map of Ukraine" project. She was heart and soul of this project and its ideological inspirer. What she gave to all of us - to her colleagues and to her students - is much beyond the regular knowledge. It is a passion to our cause, care about each other, benevolent relationship with those around us, self-assurance and positive setup of mind in our every life twist. She was the kind of person, one could appeal to with any kind of question anytime (whether it would be a cous-cous recipe, or a serious problem). Marina Grigoryevna was always helpful with her wise advices, knowledge, skills, experience. "I just give away everything!" - was her life credo. And she really shared with others everything she could.

For us her passing away is an irreplaceable loss. Jewish religion teaches: we are dwarfs, who stand on giants shoulders, and that's why we can see further ahead. For "Jews on the Map of Ukraine" Marina Grigoryevna became this kind of a giant.

Our deepest condolences to Stalinsky family, to everybody who used to know and to love this amazing woman. We do believe that she continue to care and protect us, as all righteous do.

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