LOGO: Jews on the map of Ukraine
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How do we work?

For us this project is an opportunity to draw attention to the traditions and cultural values ​​of Jews in Ukraine. Our site is designed as a portal where you can find the possible routes of travel, and it also accumulated information in the form of photos, audios, videos and texts. As you know usually it takes time, professionalism and enthusiasm.

Each trip is preceded by a thorough preparation phase: project participants are planning the route, studying the available resources of history of human settlements and the whole area, which will run on the road. Then comes the stage of discussion. We contact with scientists, researchers, refer to the archives and museums, consult with leaders and activists of the local Jewish communities, we found that the older generation knows history not only from books, but remembers the pre-war life of the local community. Based on collected data and the discussions before each trip, we compose a list of places to visit.

A key component of our project is captured video interviews of eyewitnesses and local residents, whose mind had preserved at least fragments of witnesses memories of events of the past. Our trips results are elaborately documented.

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