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We're in AVEKWe all came from our own childhood and strive to remain there as long as possible in that heavenly state, when an adult-spoken "not allowed" have not yet suppress our aspiration to find out just about everything. And not just to find out, but also to accomplish discoveries, while traveling in time and in space. Sounds tempting, isn’t it? Our journey through Ukraine’s Jewish heritage, usually, starts with immersion into the world of published and on-line information, real and virtual communication with local historians, scholars, leaders and enthusiasts of Jewish organizations, with tourists and pilgrims, who visited places of our interest before us. Also with those who fought in these places, who have been in concentration camps and ghettos, or simply lived there and became an integral part of a history, part of the common memory. Gradually immersing into the information, following the links from one fact to another, referring to archived facts and socializing, communicating, discussing. At some point of time we understand: it is time to pave the way and hit the road. To hit the road - because we are already there with all our thoughts and hearts, and we are so close to our goal.


We're in OdessaHere it comes - the asphalt ribbon of road under the wheels of our van, but sometimes it is just a wet muddy or sandy road. We hit the road. It is kind of hard to describe in words our overwhelming thoughts and feelings: there is a feeling of time being condensed when during our one trip we live through decades, and sometimes even more then a centennial history of Ukraine's Jews. We consider interview recordings of contemporary members of Jewish communities, witness of the events of the past, local residents as key components of our project. We are trying to find representatives of older generations, seniors who know the history not only by books, but rather remember a pre-war life of the local communities. The results of our findings are thoroughly documented and located in our website along with the routes of our possible trips, photographs, audio- and video-recordings, creative sketches, comments and impressions of our team members. As of today, we visited more then 40 settlements of Ukraine that are in our list.


We're in UmanWe are volunteers - young and not so young, but creative and not indifferent. There are some of us specializing in history, economics, computer science and technologies, non-traditional education, photography, video-recording and visual arts... There is nothing more interesting then to travel and to learn together. We hope so very much that by re-creating the history of Jewish communities bit-by-bit, you will also become co-authors of our project. We also hope that our team work will help the researchers who study Jewish communities as well as tourists, and just people who are passionate about the history of their country. This project will help you to set up your rout, or to choose your theme trip; for example, following the Hasidic shtettles, or trails of An-sky expedition; to share your impressions and to read the story about other people trips, to ask the questions and to get the answers. Together with you we are ready to thumb through the pages of history of each town and each small settlement, which has its own and unique history.

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Jews on the map of Ukraine
Discover! Travel! Together!

Jews on the map of Ukraine
Lomir Ale Ineynem


The "Jews on the Map of Ukraine" is dedicated to the memory of professor Boris Solomonovich Elkin (1947 - 2011), director of the International Solomon University, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Jewish Cultural Center "Beit Dan", who contributed greatly into education and Jewish national-cultural renaissance in the city of Kharkov. Thanks to his enthusiasm and hard work this project becomes a reality ...

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