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LOGO: Jews on the map of Ukraine
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  • Lutsk Lutsk
  • Zhitomir Zhitomir
  • Kiev Kiev
  • Sumy Sumy
  • Kharkov Kharkov
  • Lvov Lvov
  • Vinnitsa Vinnitsa
  • Uman Uman
  • Gadyach Gadyach
  • Domanevsky Region Domanevsky Region
  • Chernovtsi Chernovtsi
  • Odessa Odessa
  • Nikolaev Nikolaev
  • Dnepropetrovsk Dnepropetrovsk
  • To be continued...
  • Discover

    Our journey along Ukraine the Jewish starts from immersing in a world of publications and real socializing. >>

  • Travel

    Results of our trips are placed on the web-site together with our impressions and answers to our team questions. >>

  • Together

    We are volunteers creative and passionate, and we hope that you will become co-authors of our project. >>

  • /Files/images/1.png

    The second edition of illustrated map and documentary film “Jewish Addresses of Kharkov” was published. >>

  • Our sketches

    Do you know that initiative to visit the grave of R. Nahman during Jewish New Year was introduced by his student R. Nathan. >>

  • /Files/images/2.png

    "So, this way, that way and that way – Jews lived there, all of these are Jewish houses, - Igor Chapliga, Gadyach. >>

About us

All review >>
  • Sergey Kudelko
    Historian, Ph.D. HNU
    29 April 2012

    One of the most effective methods of a historical research is mapping. It allows one pictorially and dimensionally experience the complex ethno-cultural and socio-political processes held in different countries in different eras...>>

  • Tamás Visi
    PhD, Czech Republic
    15 April 2012

     It is difficult to overestimate the importance of this project. After the tragedy of the Shoa the rich and...>>

  • Evgeny Kotlyar
    Art History, Ph.D., Ukraine
    12 April 2012

    Internet-project “Jews on the Map of Ukraine” is a very up-do-date, clear to understand and attractive concept of a casual and informal research into the Jewish heritage of Ukraine...>>

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